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“No matter who we are, inside our hearts, we are more alike than we are different.”

Meet Anne

From Anne’s experiences with Krabbe disease and the loss of two of her three children, she was inspired to create awareness and educational opportunities to support patients and families affected by Krabbe.​

Latest Publications

Recently released, Just Like Me Too! is the second of two children’s books that Anne has written and published. 

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What People Are Saying

 "It’s so important for girls and boys to learn at an early age that all children are
differently-abled. “Just Like Me!” and “Just Like Me Too!” are wonderful teaching
tools for parents, teachers and others to explain that acceptance and appreciation."
~Barb, Educator and Friend
 “Just Like Me!” and “Just Like Me, Too!” are books that help students to set the
standards on how to handle differences. As an observer of the interactions between
Gina and her schoolmates, a valuable lesson was learned that kids care and can handle
differences when they have had the opportunity to learn about diversity and
~Charlie, School Board Member
 “Just Like Me!” tells the important story of a girl who lived with a tremendous medical
challenge. It is a story of her determination, special friendships and love for others.
Gina’s story reminds all children that life, even with big challenges, is worth fighting
for. The inspirational story will leave readers with the same spirit of determination,
friendship and love."
~Ann Marie, Principal
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