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So often children who are differently-abled experience isolation and loneliness as a result of their condition. “Just Like Me!” is a wonderful and sensitively written
teaching tool that allows children of any ability to learn about those who only appear different but in reality are “Just Like Me!” ~Patti, CEO of Engage Health

The message in “Just Like Me”! is so powerful and needed in our culture. It is
important to understand that all of the special “differently-abled” children have a
mind and heart just like other children. ~Jacque, Krabbe disease Advocate and


“Just Like Me!” helps share the very important message that differences don’t have to separate us. Some of us need different types of support to get through our day, but we all enjoy life’s simple pleasures like friendship and laughter regardless of our needs.
~Brittney, Special Education Teacher

Just Like Me!


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